vrijdag 11 februari 2011

Hoe een Koptische christen in Alexandria aankijkt tegen de revolutie

Dit is hoe een Egyptische vriend van me samenvat wat er is gebeurd in de afgelopen weken en vandaag:

With the help of God amazing things have happened in Egypt since January 1st:

1.  The hated Interior Ministry has collapsed.  The former Minister of Interior is being investigated for several crimes including the church bombing on January 1st and the sudden withdrawal of police forces on January 28th that caused fear and major economic losses.

2.  Several other corrupt government ministers have been removed, prevented from travelling,  with their assets frozen and undergoing legal investigation.

3.  Mubarak is no longer the de facto president of Egypt; his "ruling" party is in shambles.  He will not be able to make his son succeed him.

4.  A new spirit of freedom has exploded in Egypt and other parts of the Arab world.  It will catch on!

5.  A new sense of public responsibility has suddenly arisen in a country known for its apathy

6.  The Egyptian press has been liberated to a large extent

7.  A process of reform is underway in institutions all over the country

8.  Christians and Muslims are more united than they have been for decades

9.  The Constitution is in the process of being revised to allow for fair and free elections

10.  The Egyptian spirit has been liberated and many for the first time are truly proud to be Egyptian.

11.  Egyptians abroad stood beside the new democratic movement and many came to participate.  We expect many more to come back and help rebuild a new Egypt.

All this occurred in a peaceful 17 day revolution led by respectable young Egyptian people.  Their civilized and sophisticated behavior made millions rally around them and electrified a watching world.   Sadly those who died and were injured suffered at the hand of the police force and other pro-regime thugs.  Thankfully, Egypt's army has guaranteed stability and the right to protest.

Revolutions don't finish their business overnight.  Much work remains to be done and politics is always messy and full of surprises.

While we pray and work for the betterment of this country, our ultimate hope is in our Lord,

Emad A. Mikhail

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