zaterdag 26 maart 2011

Tekst van wet tegen demonstreren en staken in Egypte

Dit is de letterlijke tekst van het Egyptische kabinetsbesluit dat demonstraties en stakingen verbiedt. Zo is alle vorm van demonsteren verboden. Als je het er niet mee eens ben kan je met dit emailadres de premier van Egypte, dr Essam Sharaf, mailen:
The Cabinet reasserted the necessity of immediate stoppage of all demonstrations and strikes witnessed nationwide especially that the cabinet has received huge amount of legal demands and responded to them, and other demands are studied, and that the government is working to prepare a complete frame to deal with policies of employment and incomes. In this concern, the cabinet announces the following in accordance to powers conferred upon it;

1- Anyone who demonstrates or stands strikes or participate in any will be punished by imprisonment or/and paying fine of minimum EGP 50,000 and maximum EGP 100,000, in case these strikes taken while emergency cases led to prevention or stoppage of work in any of the state institutions, public authorities, or private or public companies.

2- Punishment will not be less than year and/or paying fine of minimum EGP 100,000 and maximum EGP 500,000, in case the demonstrator was violent while demonstrating or protesting or demonstration led to sabotage of any of the production means, or negatively influencing the national unity, social peace, general system, or harming public or private money, building or properties.

3- Anyone who verbally or written incited, called, promoted for any of the above mentioned will be imprisoned and pay fine not less than EGP 30,000 and maximum EGP 50,000

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