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Nuba Mountains Bible Institute Cairo

Nuba Mountains Bible Institute Cairo

Your help requested for the training of Sudanese Christian leaders

What is NBIC?

NBI is a ministry of the Sudanese congregation at the Church of St Michael and all Angels.  It aims to train its own members and others that are interested in solid biblical studies to be better equipped for serving God. 

Be trained to serve God

Men and women who desire to serve God need to be ‘trained in the words of faith and of the good doctrine’.  (See 1 Timothy 4:6) 

NBIC offers a course that will help these Sudanese refugees in Cairo to know their Bible and their faith well, so that they are better equipped for serving God in his Church and in this world.  

Beside Biblical studies, NBI offers other subjects that are important for leaders in the Church. 

Target Audience

Thousands of Christians have fled from the Nuba Mountains in Northern Sudan, to Cairo.  St Michael’s Church has a congregation of over 400 members of people from these Nuba Mountains. 

There are thousands more Christians from the Nuba Mountains in our environment in Cairo.  Many of these refugees are unemployed and very poor, but they love to use their time well to study and to better their own life.

We expect that at least 20 students will register for the first year as we have experimented a bit in 2012 with more informal studies and we got 10-20 people each time.
How much time will it take?

Students have two classroom hours on Tuesday evenings (7-9.30pm) and three classroom hours on Friday afternoons (2-6pm).

For being able to pass the exams, students have to spend about one hour in self-study for each classroom hour.


Certificates and Diploma

After every course, students get a certificate if they pass the exam.  On each certificate it is written how many credit (classroom hours) point the certificate is worth.  

In total, students can gather 660 credit points. In order to get the NBI Good Servant Diploma after three years, students must have gathered at least 600 credit points.


The teachers in NBI are qualified men and women who know the subjects they teach and who have experience in teaching.   They are from Egypt, Sudan, and other countries.
Many of them are pastors in their own churches, or teachers in seminaries.

Registration fees

Studying at NBI costs LE275 per semester.  This can be paid in two instalments of LE150 each.  This entitles a student to follow all classes and to do all exams.

Students who only follow incidental courses pay LE5 per classroom hour; full payment must be received by NBI at the beginning of each course.  Students who also want to do an exam for receiving a certificate pay an additional amount of LE10 per course.

Books and other study materials

For most courses Arabic textbooks will be used; we endeavour to make these available at reasonable prices; the students are obliged to purchase the books or photocopies.  The total annual cost for this is estimated to be LE300 per student.

The annual cost for NBI in 2013 is projected to be LE52.800 (including the cost of books).  The 20 students in the first year will pay LE17.000 (including the cost of books). 

This means that we are LE35.800 short.  This is the equivalent of € 4.585 or US$ 5.875. (As of 21 November 2012) 

You are kindly requested to consider supporting this project.   Payment details can be obtained from Rev Dr Jos Strengholt, priest-in-charge of St Michael’s Church. His email: priest @ heliopolischurch.com


If you support this project, you will receive two reports per year, describing how things go and the impact on our students, as well as a financial report.  You will also good photos of this project.

Thank you so much for considering!

Rev Dr Jos M. Strengholt
St Michael’s Church
8 Seti Street
Heliopolis, Cairo

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